29 November 2005

annoying library patron

it's 7:53, and the kg library closes at 8pm. i'm shutting down computers, straightening up, and there is only one patron in there nearly done with his class assignment. this woman comes in and with a thick accent asks for books on boajboigoujoihg. i ask her, "can you please tell me again what it is that you are seeking?"


"okay," i say. "do you have a card because we are closing here in a few minutes."

"no but i need books because my accounting textbook is no good you see."

i give her a few titles, then send her to the stacks. at three minutes of, i call her back. it takes several minutes to make a card (we have a real pain in the butt system that is quite time-consuming) so i make her a card. she goes, "well i want to look for more books."

"i'm sorry but i need to get your address from you." she looks pissed, and while i print up the barcode, i tell her to run back to the stacks. i check out her book and call her, "we're closing." she does not respond. finally, i shut off the computer and say, "the library is now closed." it is past 8pm.

"i really wanted to look more," she tells me.

"well, we're closing now, but you can come tomorrow and we can help you find more books."

she glares at me. "but i'll be busy tomorrow."

yeah, me too. but i shouldn't feel guilty because i want to go home when i'm off and not help someone. i have no problem at all doing my job when i'm at work. but when i'm done, i want to go home. i was famished and sleepy. i hate when patrons do that.

i don't respond to her comment. i'm glad that i don't work at a public library; the worst is when they say, "my taxes pay your salary." yeah, and also the fire department, the paint used for the lines in the road, the war in iraq, dubya's salary...must i go on?

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DaftLadybird said...

I know a thing or two about annoying library patrons. I work at a university library in Toronto, and boy, are some people stupid. You wanna help them most of the time, but there are moments when you just want to scream. I've started a blog dedicated to my adventures as a library employee. Check it out if you've got a minute.