01 December 2005


i'm reading smash by koren zailckas, which is somewhat good, and also funny because right now i am a bit smashed. well, not totally; i had one drink, but lately, one drink gets me tipsy. i ran home, ran, ran, and all these hipsters stared out of their converted loft as a woman in a sparkly sweater ran down green street. wheee!

i'm taking on another job, a part-time temporary job (during exam week) for some extra cash. hopefully, i'll be better financially in another month. i hate this stress of everything.

this year i am not going crazy over the holidays; i am making a few gifts and will buy other things, but i just don't have the money and time for elaborate gifts. luna, however, will get heaps of kisses and hugs from me, because she is my baby. meow!

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