01 December 2005


i went to zurich for the main reason that i wanted to attend the street parade, zurich's rave in the streets. heaps of trucks (nearly 30) carry trailers filled with djs, dancers, and decorations, and people dance in the streets behind the trucks (of whatever truck you chose, wait till one passes with music you like), and the parks are overfull with djs and dancers, and the entire city takes over. it's great fun. this is why i went from austria to the cinque terre, and back to switzerland: so i would be in zurich for the weekend of the street parade.

i stayed with marco, who i met through hospitality club, and he was awesome. we had such an amazing time talking, cooking, hanging out, swimming, biking. he was amazing. i also hung out with his friends and his roommates and his roommates' friends, and everyone was so welcoming.

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