15 December 2005


besides the cinque terre, amalfi stole my heart. ahhh, i already pictured myself climbing 300 plus steps to my house each day, views of the ocean from high above, strolling through my small vineyards...ah, it seems like heaven. i planned on staying two days, but stayed longer: i was in love.

after a chaotic struggle to arrive in amalfi, i found the owners of the hostel with some difficulty. they placed me with my backpack, my daypack, on the back of this guy's scooter, and we scooted around the mountains, yup, all those hairpin turns. my mouth was permanently open--omg!!! i buried my face in the guy's back, nervous. i was convinced death was near.

after arriving, josh showed me around ("he has a crush on you, fo'sho," i was later told. i mentioned, "my boyfriend," several times. now that things with t and i are bad, i think, "wow, you could be living in napoli and amalfi with an ozzie. but not, that could never be. i was never into josh anyway.), and then harmony and dylan arrived. ah, harmony was a wonderful, wonderful person who i adored. harmony and dylan and i headed the 1,000 steps down to the beach (you had to climb 300 steps to get to our hostel from the main road!), pausing often as we were exhausted. we swam for a while, and i hadn't showered since before swimming in croatia so i'm sure i mixed up seawater! yippie!

after, the entire hostel went out to dinner. we had so much fun, drinking, chilling, eating, and then we went out to the bar. the bartender, willy, was awesome, and he and his brother owned the hostel--i LOVED them! plus, vodka and blood orange juice, YUM!

harmony and i did the walk of the gods, which we got super lost on and had a brilliant time. we drank more, went to the beach, that was amalfi. when i left on the ferry to napoli, a huge lump in the bottom of my throat created an ache within me.

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