01 December 2005

homesick for the road

right now, i'm busy working, getting ready for the holidays, i have a pile of laundry to fold in the other room, christmas gifts to make, a cat to exercise and play with, a floor to sweep...and i feel so homesick for the road. i miss traveling so much, and wish i were taking a photograph or engaging in a conversation with someone or not reading because living is so much more exciting. i love being a librarian, and i'm good at engaging with people and doing research: but i miss traveling and i know my heart lies in writing and traveling. still, i keep a smile on my face wherever i am because being miserable will not change a thing.

i am working now, and although there are immediate needs for my salary (like rent, utilties, that sort of thing), i see it going towards a grander trip.

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Jeet said...


My comp crashed and i lost all my bookmarks, so came across ur blog again from the link on mine, had totally forgotten about it...

The pictures are simply super, now i sooo want to back pack across europe too... You should publish a travel journal or something the pics are beyond awesome!!!