03 December 2005


venice, i was warned, was such a cliche, so touristy, so crowded, so hot and sweaty, so dirty. true, true, but it was lovely. some of my greatest photos are of venice, so pardon me if there are heaps of photos. don't plan on spending that long in venice--there honestly isn't too much to do. i was there for two and a half days, and visited the museums i wanted to (the peggy guggenheim, the museums of st marks (doge's palace, museo correr, museo archeologico nazionale, monumental rooms of the bibliotecca nazionale), gallerie dell'accademia--went into way too many venetian glass shoppes, seeking the perfect gifts for lissy, mom, and nessa, ate pizza (because everything else there is super expensive), walked around with a couple (she was 22, he was 40) and this really cool guy from turkey, chilled. it was fun to walk everywhere and get super lost, and it's just a charming place you really must visit, but please, don't spend too long: the crowds and the boredom will drive you mad!

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