16 December 2005


i was supposed to be in napoli longer but i couldn't leave amalfi. as soon as i got there, i dumped my stuff at the hostel, grabbed a slice of amazing pizza, and caught the bus to pompei. at pompei, i got the audio guide and wandered in the sweltering dry suffocating heat until i felt i thoroughly knew the culture of pompei. truly interesting. everyone was clustered around the bodies that were there, that are somehow replicas of bodies--covered in plaster cast or something like that. (at the point i saw them, i was thinking, water shower ugh.) after, i went back to napoli and got super lost trying to get back to my hoste; two neapolitan police officers drove me to my hostel. i got horrible directions to a pizzeria, ended up finding a pretty good place where i got an entire margherita pizzeria and a fantastic calzone, eating both for dinner in a park. yum. yes i did eat my way across europe. i hung out at my hostel, too paranoid to be wandering the neapolitan streets at dark, as petty crime is EXTREMELY prevalent. i was exhausted, and fell asleep early with the lights all on and the hostel cat taking up most of my pillow. awwww, simon! the next morning i went to the archeological museum, which is where most of the things they could take away from pompei are kept. i ended up befriending a security guard who let me into closed-off sections of the museum. he was really cool but ended up trying to take me out. instead, i headed back to my hostel, grabbed my pack, and set off for the train station to head to roma.

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