04 December 2005

dubrovnik, croatia

dubrovnik was truly beautiful. i took what turned out to be a 6 hour bus ride from split to dubrovnik. going to the bus i met rachel, a super cool ozzie. we met these two english guys who were drinking their way across europe. we decided to try to find an apartment when we got to dubrovnik; what the woman advertised and what we saw was different; there weren't beds for all, but rachel and i shared a big bed. we had separate linen and it was totally fine. rachel and i spent the days together, walking the city walls in dubrovnik, exploring local restaurants, sunning on the glorious beaches and swimming in the beautiful clean oceans--with views to boot. i adored dubrovnik, even the touristy bits. i also heard some of the most amazing street performers in my life--they played vivaldi so beautifully that i felt shivers.

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Anonymous said...

hi, did you travel on the 3-month eurail pass? did they ever check your passport going country to country? did you take travellers cheques or did you just use your credit card?