03 December 2005


perhaps i came across as bitter in my last post, but i guess i'm sick of hearing other people's good news while i'm stuck in a shitty relationship. it's inevitable that t and i will end things unless i am prepared to live by myself while he does his thing elsewhere (and i'm not, and he's just not realizing this, and things are not good now) . but if you haven't, there is an episode of sex and the city where someone at a party steal carrie's manolo blahnik sandals that are $400-something, and the hostess of the party balks when she hears the price, blaming carrie for making irresponsible decisions. carrie is pissed, because she has given bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts for the children, etc, and because she hasn't had that, that makes her irresponsible. likewise, i'm hearing about what my sister wants for her engagement, etc. and carrie set up a registry for the shoes at manolo and the woman eventually purchased them. i told my mom i wanted a gift just for being me, and as she is pissed at the way things are with t, she said, fondly, "i'll be you an un-engagement gift." i'm hoping it's a pair of manolos, but knowing my mother, it's a pair of guess heels she found at bloomies on an amazing sale for $6 (my mom finds these crazy bargains). and you know what? that's okay with me.

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