10 December 2005

missing traveling: who i am

i feel like i can't do this anymore. i like being a librarian, but looking at photos on Why Go (part of the brilliant
Bootsnall), i feel, no, i'm in the wrong place. i need to be traveling. i need to go to latin america, to tibet, to nepal, to india, to russia, to
fiji. i need to be with my pack, talking with people, learning so much that i could never learn from books. i miss my backpack; it is hibernating
on the top shelf of my small closet. even my sucky pack towel, i miss you. i miss traveling so much right now, i know i will never be a cheery
wife and mother or a careerwoman. i'm a librarian, and i'm a radical cheerleader and a radical librarian, and i love to read and write and
practice yoga and run, but my spirit belongs on the open road.

financially, i am not yet on my feet. i took a temporary job at a brooklyn college for the exam period and that is going to the trip fund.
those days when i eat an apple and yogurt as my snack instead of heading outdoors--that saving money is my trip fund. i'm going to go again,
hopefully soon, because it is out there, the open road, that i truly feel free.


Sean said...


I know what you mean - thanks for sharing and hope you get back out there soon!


Anonymous said...

I was randomly searching to come across your " I need to be travelling blog." I can't say how it sounded as though it was me who wrote it. I went to India out of the blue one summer; only from there to go to Nepal, then Holland. Now I sit at my socially acceptable job and think all day of trekking in the Himalyas and how I should still be travelling. This we're going through a phase? I'm curious of your age.