02 November 2005

me and ms. eiffel but most of all, paris and the effects of not traveling

as much as i didn't love paris, i must admit: i love the eiffel tower. here are some photos of me at the infamous tower. one is of me right in front, another is of me with the eiffel as it sparkles--every hour on the hour, all the lights just blink. it's beautiful, and even marco got chills. some call it ugly, but you can't deny its importance.

i think back to when i was lost in paris, no one speaking english (or they pretended not to), the immensity of the louvre, yet i was crying on the phone in the basement of the louvre: "i hate paris. i want to go home," and t saying nothing, and me going, "you must think i'm a spoiled brat." and he didn't say anything but i realized, i was privileged, i was traveling. i changed hostels, met some amazing people (jen, dania, lindsay, drew, among others). so, yeah, even paris i miss. traveling is so important to me. i refuse to stop. so job interviewers, no, i'm not done with traveling. not now, not ever. i'm traveling for life. who knows where i'll go next? all i know is, i'm never stopping.

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