04 November 2005

traveling and who i now i am

I'm watching the infamous Motorcycle Diaries (which, of course, the book is better, but I love that the movie is in Spanish with English subtitles, and I love that they show his struggle with asthma so vividly, something I also struggle with), thinking about who I want, and what I want, and how I've changed. Sure, I think, I've changed, but as the days go on, I see it more and more. I don't want this sedentary nine-to-five travel once a year North American lifestyle. I know there is so much to see and do in this world, and yes, being a librarian is truly the job I want, and what I see myself doing...but at the same time, I want to travel. Travel is so important. Seeing this movie, envying Guevara's freedom--the book conveys it more so, includes more of the adventures.

I want to go to Latin America--I have heard they HATE people from the USA, that they kidnap and torture them. And they kidnap people on the streets of New York City, so what should I do--stay locked inside my apartment (but a fire, like the one down the block from me, could kill me!). I have the grain of adventure within me. I will not stop traveling. I am a traveler, a backpacker, a true spirit of the road.

I have ideas for future travels--the marathon in Greenland. At the marathon expo yesterday, in between limping around booths of free samples, telling Best Buy a Hummer was not a smart politically correct advertising statement, refusing coupons from Nike (telling them I refuse to use anything from a company that is one of the biggest users of sweatshop labor), I ran into a booth for the Greenland marathon. The guy was in an obscure corner and was probably happy to meet me and we talked, about my time in Iceland, about my intense interest of Greenland. He gave me a patch, a map, and other assorted information, and I hope I can go there next summer--along with Burning Man, that Erin in Prague told me all about.

But future--it's far. I refuse to stop dreaming. I got a book, The Travel Book, that lists information about way too many companies for me to ever be bored. I'm thinking Latin America is next, but due to many scares, its immensity, and how long I plan on being there, I'm thinking of going with a companion. Others mention Latin America too, and I hope someone that I am simpatico with--perhaps Chris from Luton, or others--will have time and money at the same time as I. Otherwise, I will go solo.

In my heart, traveling is important. Other things are important, but those who are vague, ambivalent, or ununderstanding about travel, well, we won't become as close as you'd like. Traveling, like Buddhism, and Yoga, are part of the spirituality in my life.

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