27 November 2005

salzburg, austria: home of the sound of music

Ii adored salzburg. The main reason I went is because some girl in Paris told me about The Sound of Music bus tour: "Best thirty euro I ever spent." I ended up learning that the actor who played Captain Von Trapp hated children, called it The Sound of Mucus, and had his voice dubbed over. I wandered around the historic streets with Alexis and Marylou who I met in Vienna (we went together) and Chris and I met up after our break in Prague. We stayed at the HI hostel where they show The Sound of Music every night at 8pm; there were over fifty people there. We went out to an Irish pub where I got positively smashed and danced with an Irish guy, Liam; Alexis drank all of us under the table. So fun; just looking at the photos makes me miss traveling desperately.

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