15 November 2005

"oh it's such a perfect day"

i had such a good day today! i'm so happy, and it wasn't even anything big but a big of little, great things. i went running for the first time in three weeks (i haven't run due to a foot injury), and then did laundry (yay! clean clothes), and biked around greenpoint doing errands. laura and i did lunch, and as i didn't want to be late, i threw on something quick--a pink dress, black sweater, black boots, and my new scarf my mom made--i looked good, and got many compliments (both verbal and visual from friends and strangers). on my way to meeting laura at yaffa cafe (probably my favorite place to eat in nyc), i saw the fourth world movement/street library office. i rang the buzzer, and was invited in, even though they were just finishing lunch ("are you hungry? do you want some lunch?") and spontaneously decided to volunteer. they were very interested in my thesis, and i promised to email it to them. street librarians go out into "bad" areas--like slums in france where people live in what some might describe as "hovels", or east new york in nyc, and bring blankets, and read stories to the kids, let them read books, use computers, etc. after lunch, laura and i went to knit new york, a knitting cafe, while staff helped me with a project i'm knitting, and drank really good tea. i went to the strand after, then came home and applied for jobs and ate dinner. i got a letter from v in the mail, and luna was being a sweetie. then i went to see bitch play at galapagos, and she was awesome (except for some asshole heckling her "DYKE" and it's like, yeah, she is a lesbian, why are you insulting her at a show for her? we screamed him outta there.) and on my way home, i ran into one of the few people from my old job and we ended up talking for a while. i didn't wait too long for the bus but as i waited i thought, what a nice day. i don't know why, but i'm so happy today.

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