04 February 2011

Caye Caulker - Snorkeling!

I had the most amazing day snorkeling - so peaceful, beautiful, chill. This was my favourite time snorkeling ever, though it was not just a day of snorkeling. We spent the day on the boat, going to three different spots, snorkeling for hours, on our own and with a guide who pointed out all sorts of things (you know, fish, coral, nurse sharks, picking up sting-ray, that sort of thing), ate lunch, had rum punch ("Have more, have more." Okay, pour it in!), chips & salsa, cerviche if that was your thing. Good reggae music completed the atmosphere, and it was so amazing as we gently sailed back to listen to the music and simply daydream, simply be. A truly wonderful day.

I love snorkeling because it reminds you there is an entire world - like cities, with department stores and groceries and subways and such, under the water. All those fish, going every which way, and how they hide in the coral, and all that exists below the surface. I remember the first time I went snorkeling with my marine biology-studying ex, and how I truly understood why he studied marine biology; how could you not - it is beautiful and fascinating and I want to know everything. Except, of course, please keep the sharks from me.


V said...

snorkeling was by far the best part of my Turks & Caicos trip years ago. my gear has moved from CO to NY in anticipation of the next time I'm able to!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures, looks like a beautiful spot. Nice shot of the Green turtle. It is a fascinating world down there huh? kind of feels like being on another planet