25 February 2011

Ode to @Superchunkband

I've loved Superchunk as far back as I can remember; like much music I adored/adore, I possibly learned about it from the long-defunct Plume zine, written by the fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable Shelia Burgel (who gave me hope that I would not be stuck in horrid middle-class whitebread suburbia where football players ruled, green lawns gave you cancer but looked nice, and I would always be "the freak").

I first saw them at Lollapalooza in high school. Awed by how hard Laura was rocking, how amazing Mac's voice was, I jumped along in the middle of the moshpit. (It was the nineties, okay?) I've seen them several times throughout the years, but last time I saw them at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in September, I've never felt happier at a concert. They played most of my favourite songs. I've had my heart-broken to songs of theirs, memories associated with so many songs. I've never been to Detroit, but "Detroit Has a Skyline Too" was on a mixtape made for me - so of course there's meaning. (Seriously, mixtapes had so much meaning. I do miss the zine/mixtape days.)

And best of all, a line of theirs has become one of my running mantras:
Do not pass me - just to slow down - I can move right through you.

Side note: If anyone knows how to get tickets for the sold-out Radio City Music Hall show, let me know!

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