04 February 2011

C is for Cayo

Cayo was great.

I had originally headed up to Cayo to chill with Rio, a new friend who I met in Bocas del Toro (amazing place!). Rio is actually planning on settling in Cayo, and after a few days in Cayo, and with Rio, I was pondering settling there as well! It’s inland Belize, beautiful mountains, really great hiking, waterfalls, caving, tubing, rivers, all sorts of loveliness. Mostly I enjoyed healing my broken heart by a beautiful river, chilling with Rio, meeting new friends, driving all over, drinking the “panty stainer” (aka fresh watermelon juice with coconut rum), relaxing. I really feel heaps better.

And it’s one day at a time, and one day at a time to pure happiness.

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