11 February 2011

Missing Papa

His pink sweater still hangs on the back of the chair in the dining room. I still miss my Papa more than ever. Last year at this time was the last time I had seen him...

Anytime I hear a variation of his name, "Charles" or "Russ," I get a lump in my throat after I look for him and realize he's not here.

I know he'd be so proud of me, interested in my last trip, asking me questions, worrying about me a little. I know he'd say, "Running fifty bloody miles? You're crazy." But I know he'd give me another sloppy kiss on the cheek and a hug.

Times makes it better, but in a way, it hurts more, because they're further from you.

1 comment:

kmry said...

He will always remain in our hearts and I know you had a special place in his.