07 February 2011

Back Home...


It feels so weird to be back.

For starters, it's cold. I had to put so many more clothes on, and what a selection of clothes I had! I had to skirt ice on the ground while running. I ate cereal out of a bowl I've eaten out of for years. I slept close with my sweet, loving cat who clearly missed me. I went through a house somewhat emptier.

At work, I realized how lucky I am to have such an awesome job. All my coworkers were so happy to see me back. My desk was decorated with countdowns, welcome back signs, posters, party favours. It felt good to be back. Even when there was a bit of sadness, a coworker who happens to also be a psychologist was there with hugs, kindness, and very smart words. I feel so happy to have a job with wonderful coworkers and a supportive foundation to let me travel, let me be me. Not everyone lets you be yourself, so when you find those who let you be yourself, embrace it. I also work for an amazing cause, so it's wonderful that I can do that for a living.

It just feels strange. Walking down Wall Street, everyone in suits, obsessing with their stupid iPhones, talking English, people of all ages...it's so weird. Shouldn't everyone be talking Spanish and everyone living with me be a super interesting backpacker?

Getting back to normal, to working, to eating good food, to knowing how things are, to not struggling each day...it'll take a bit. But I'm here. I'm back to running in NYC. I'm back to long weekends at Bear Mountain with Iliana, too much running, and heaps of watermelon eaten before, during and after running. I'm back to leading runs with NBR, to eating cupcakes with the girls, to opening bottles of wine on a weekday "just because." I'm back to plotting my next long run, to reading Janet Evanovich (okay, never stopped that!), to hitting up the next Danger Party. I'm going to set up a "Sewing Centre" in my living room as prep for Burning Man costume-making. Rachelle may be leaving NYC, so I need to get as much of her in as I can. Gwendolyn's moving back, so that will be awesome.

Everything will be awesome. Each moment is a wonderful, amazing moment. If it sucks, well, it's teaching me something. Or it had to happen.

I'm going to make my favourite vegetable barley soup, my beloved chai, my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I'm going to visit my Grandma and watch The Golden Girls, and ride my bike to the beach (once it's warmer). I'm going to visit museums on Fridays, eat scones on Tuesdays, and love that I live in one of the most amazing, social communities in the world. I'm going to rock out NBR with some Jameson. I'm going to work on my novel a bit more, and start sending it around.

I won't let certain things get me down. Being back, sure, it's not as much fun as traveling, but I have an awesome, fulfilling, fun life. And each day will be an adventure, even if the only traveling I do is a subway ride from Greenpoint to Wall Street.

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