25 February 2011


I've done some rather stupid things in my life: finish an ultramarathon in a lightning storm; dance for hours on end in skinny heels on stage at a club; think flip flops were an acceptable form of shoes to wear excessively; have my friend highlight my hair in college. But I think one of the stupidest things I've done is running the Febapple 50k.

It was just a training run. I could have done a training run in Central Park (but really, yawn, how many times can I run in that crowded urban oasis? And hello, concrete, you are not my friend and not what I race on!), but this would've been more fun. I got to see friends. I met some rad new women who I ran with. I was able to discover delicious combinations, like gummy bears and potato chips (heavenly!). And then I would never have pushed my limits to get my worst 50k time ever, but you know, it was kinda fun.

But the aftermath...during the race it was ridiculously cold, and my toes still haven't warmed up. They feel numb. I've soaked, massaged them, visited my doctor who massage, did reflexology, and examined them. They're messed up. They'll be fine eventually but now...now it feels weird. Like pins and needles all the time. Like I am always kinda numb. Like I've been wearing high heels while walking all over all day - but without the pain, just the numbness. It's awful.

The problem was the snow and the cold and especially, all the wet puddles I continuously stepped in. I stepped in a puddle in the first few minutes, and didn't even take off my wet shoes right away post-race. I estimate wearing the wet sneakers for at least 11 hours.

I should've quit, but I don't know how.

My doctor warned me I'll have increase sensitivity to cold, and I have to be extra careful in the future or I'll get frostbite again. It's a fairly mild case (no toes will be lost, though we can't guarantee toenails, but of course, that's another story!). It's a journey to good health always, which would be easier if I wasn't kicking my butt all the time with these crazy runs - but then what would be the point of life if it was easy?

I'm off to soak my foot in Chinese herbs with a scent I loathe - foot stew!

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