11 February 2011

Dancing with Dirt Tomorrow

Fifty miles. Dances with Dirt. A race with a lot of "stupid." Count me in. I'm looking forward to pushing myself beyond my limits, eating M&Ms (Honestly, during ultras is the only time I can ever eat them now.), getting covered with mud and scratches, making new amazing friends, sharing my life story with people I'm just running with for a few miles, running through muck, water, running past alligators, running from wild boars, getting lost.

I have to get some coconut water today - almost forgot. I forgot how to race. This race will be a good kick-in-the-butt reminder of how I need to prep for Umstead. I've got my pretzels in the bag. I haven't been training like I like to, so this race will be a bit of a struggle.

But I will finish. I'm going to dig deep, so deep you didn't even know I went that deep. I'm going to dig in, past the pain and all that crap, push that out, and push forward to running love and heaven and see what I can do. I can do a lot. I will do a lot.

I'm running to save my heart.


Anonymous said...

Have fun Cherie! You're going to do great!!

it's all about pace said...

good luck! enjoy the m&ms

long time first time said...

I'm also running the DWD ultra tomorrow, however the 50k. I originally found your blog a year ago while researching the race. It's going to be a nice cool morning tomorrow, perfect for running. If I see you (unsure with the way they stagger the start times for the 50k and 50M) I'll say "hi".

Best of luck tomorrow!

kmry said...

I'll be there in spirit rooting you on!! Go, Cher!

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up, youve gotten through the pain before and you will again. someone asked me if my heart was still beating, i said yes to which they replied "well then it aint broken" your heart is strong, pure, compassionate. the world needs more like that. Happy Valentines Day