09 February 2011

My Trip, In Runs

So it was impossible to keep up with my regular running schedule while backpacking across Central America...especially with a breakup that frequently brought me crying on me knees while running, crazy travel days, amazing beaches, and better things to do...but I was able to get in solid regular running...

I didn’t run as much as I should have. I ran almost daily, but my long runs were few in far between. Excuses included: getting my heart broken so running was difficult; staying in places not conducive to long runs; the beach sounded more fun than running for eight hours; not enough time.

15th: 1:15:18 (Panama City, hot along the water, decent pace)
16th: 1:00:28 (Bocas del Toro, legs felt tired, 3x speedbursts)
17th: 1:34:07 (Bocas del Toro, legs, chafing, thirsty, beach!)
                PM Run: 18:07 (with Chris)
18th: 47:22 (Bocas del Toro, with Chris, we didn’t have enough time before snorkeling to do more)
19th: 59:13 (Bocas del Toro, with Jarrett, on beach)
20th: 1:01:00 (Bocas del Toro)
21st: 1:01:08 (Bocas del Toro)      
                PM: 1:12:18 (Bocas del Toro, on beach, love it!)
22nd: 1:00:56 (Bocas del Toro)
                PM: 1:02:28 (Bocas del Toro, fartlek)
23rd: 1:01:08 (Bocas del Toro, with Rio)
24th: 1:02:09 (Bocas del Toro)
25th: 2:07:15 (Bocas del Toro, ran all the way to Bluff!)
27th: 1:44:19 (Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, on the beach!)
28th: 1:25:43 (Santa Teresa, hills)
                PM: 51:58 (Santa Teresa, beach sunset, ahhh!)
29th: 1:44:23 (Santa Teresa, beach with a Tico I met)                               
                PM: 59:55 (sunset barefoot beach running)
31st: 1:22:17 (Leon, Nicaragua, got lost)

1st:  4:28:30 (Leon, awful chafing, low 90s, sunny)
2nd: 2:32:14 (Leon)
3rd: 58:20 (Leon)
5th: 2:10:47 (Little Corn Island)
7th: 1:31:09 (Little Corn)
8th: 1:12:28 (Little Corn, ankle hurts)
9th: 31:03 (Little Corn, ankle hurts)
10th, 11th: Time off for ankle recovery and travel days
12th: 1:00:23 (Granada, ankle mostly okay)
13th: 1:01:26 (Granada, slow)
14th: 1:11:04 (Ometepe, trails, bushwhacking, yay!)
15th: 22:44 (Ometepe, had to stop because chased by wild dogs)
16th: 1:01:01 (San Juan del Sur, hills, beach inc barefoot running)
17th:  1:05:56 (San Juan del Sur, barefoot each running)
19th: 1:33:48 (Xela, Guatemala)
20th: Climbed a volcano instead of ran, so hard!
21st: 1:13:21 (Xela – with Luis, a Guatemalan I met on the street)
22nd: 1:12:52 (Xela, with Luis again)
                PM: 1:20:44 (Panajachel, hills!)
23rd: 1:14:29 (Panajachel)
24th: 1:16:42 (San Jorge, hills)
                PM: 1:05:09 (San Marcos, hills)
25th: 1:09:39 (San Marcos, hills)
                PM: 48:00 (San Marcos, hills)
26th: 1:13:43 (San Marcos, hills)
27th: 1:13:43 (San Marcos, hills)
28th: 1:22:34 (San Marcos, hills)
29th: 1:01:05 (San Marcos, chased by a weird local)
30th: Tikal
31st: 2:04:49 (Bullet Tree Falls, Belize, part with Rio)

1st: 1:06:02 (Bullet Tree Falls, Belize)
2nd: 3:25:26 (Bullet Tree Falls, Belize)
3rd: 1:53:26 (Bullet Tree Falls)
4th: 1:15:26 (Caye Caulker)
5th: 1:01:39 (Caye Caulker)
6th: 20:15 (San Pedro)

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