05 February 2011

Getting Towards the End...

I’ve gone through so many changes these past two months. This has been my favorite trip ever – I’ve learned so much, been to so many amazing places (Bocas del Toro, San Marcos, Caye Caulker, and Little Corn Islands have been my favourite places!), met so many wonderful people. I think the breakup was pretty terrible and I wish I had reacted better to it (But how many people react good to a breakup?) – Guatemala was a haze of healing and tears. Belize has been better, and I see myself functioning normally (which could not be said for Guatemala). I have learned to reach out to strangers because they can offer so much wonderful love, support, and energy.

With the end of my trip in sight (gulp, sob), I must think about what’s next. Or must I? Shall I live one day at a time? I think so. This past relationship made me realize I live too much in the future and need to focus and exist a little more in the present moment. I’m going to enjoy February: Dances with Dirt 50Miler, FebApple 50k/50miler, NBR Fashion Show, quality time with mom, catching up with friends and family who I’ve missed these past two months, doing some more writing, getting my sewing centre set up, snuggling with my kitty.

It’s one day at a time. And each day will be full of wonderful, exciting moments.

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