24 February 2011


"When there's the apocalypse, I need someone who's going to be reloading while I'm shooting."

--Nelson, on our run this yesterday (He also mentioned being an ultrarunner was kinda necessary. Good thing G is an ultrarunner and I'm sure she'd be good at reloading)

N and I talk about everything - about love and our dreams and how to help our friends and how to help ourselves and races. Today, after I left him, I felt like I was flying, running faster and faster and faster through the streets, past sleepy-eyed hipsters and squealing buses and rushing commuters, ignoring the numbness in my toes, pushing myself past where I've been stuck, that sloggy, slow, asthmatic aura that has been oppressing me lately. It felt amazing. I ran beyond when I had time to. I ran beyond myself, and found myself. But it's always like that.

Note: an excellent drink called Apocalypse Shot I had on Little Corn Island involved 3/4 Flor de Cana rum, 1/4 Kahlua. I wouldn't mind one now.


Shawn said...

"I ran beyond myself, and found myself."
I really like that statement, it kinda distills it down to the bare minimum of what if feels like, at least for me too, particularly during long runs when your pushed inside yourself and its you against yourself.

SEXO said...

It is good to train. The Zombies get faster, the obstacles larger... They will not take us down without a run... even if it is in the name of fun. My favorite image was of G shooting while I carry her piggy back, or on a shopping cart... Great run indeed...