12 January 2006

a few reminders of europe this morning

i was looking at my calendar for january 22nd (i'm having a meeting) and noticed that the sunday was the 23. then i realized, oh it's a european calendar (trev bought me a small "cats of greece" calendar in, not surprisingly, greece)--mon-sun.

then, i realized my rice milk was bad (yuck, yuck, yuck, i am probably going to go back to milk which i love so much and rice milk, it's edible but that's about it) and the other one i had was warm...so i'm drinking cereal with warm milk. and i expected to want to gag but almost immediately after my first bite i thought, "europe." (in many countries they buy cartons of milk which are often unrefrigerated. other americans also complained, and i must admit, i think refrigerated milk is a much tastier idea!)

so even if i barely have enough money to buy my metrocard, i can still remember my travels. little days stand out--i though of my time where i went out for an elegant dinner alone in florence and drank one of the small carafes of wine (2 or 3 euro!) and then laughing my way home alone, thinking, oh, how i do love italy!

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