08 January 2006

missing traveling

ooooooooooooh i went to whole foods and got greek yogurt--one with honey, one without. they were quite pricey--$2 as opposed to less than 1 euro--but the memories of it will bring me back to the night in ios where t got a cheese pie, i got a yogurt, and we ate our after-clubbing food with the sun already up.


Andrew said...

Greek yogurt! Whole Foods started selling it in Boulder maybe a couple of years ago - then the next time I went there it was GONE! 'No supply.' Then, about six months ago it appeared in Wild Oats, then in Whole Foods again, and now it's always there. Though I still binge-buy, just in case supplies run out again.

I could never understand why Greek yog did not seem to be sold in the US, or at least easily available. There are lots of Greeks here, right?

A great and easy dessert. Melt white chocolate (a biggish bar - in the mocrowave will be fine if you go slowly) and add an equal amount of Greek yog. If you like, add flavouring - something fragrant, e.g., juice of half a lime is good and tart, or the insides of a passion fruit, or a teaspoon of orange flower water, or rose water, and maybe some orange zest too.

Of course, it's great plain too. Or with fruit (my fave - raspberries). Or a spoon on your oatmeal, with maple syrup.

Oh, how great to have yog without sugar added! Maybe I can settle here now ...

Andrew said...

PS Forgot - let the yog-choc dessert cool in the fridge, so that it settles. It won't harden, but becomes less runny - less than an hour. Serve with fresh fruit on top - berries are great.