30 January 2006

That Time of The Month

First off, I am not apologizing. This is a little rant on men's reactions to the natural monthly menses of women. "Gross!" "Ew!" "I am not reading anymore of this blog right now!" Fine. But I just wanted to say I am pissed at how men act revolted at a perfectly natural and painful and inconvenient process when they should be:
  1. Happy they don't have to deal with it each month
  2. Supportive of us
  3. Take care of us
I'm not asking all men to drop everything they have, but if I'm complaining, "I have cramps," making me feel like I'm disgusting is not the thing to do. Cramps are when my uterine walls are trying to rid itself of the layer. It's incredibly painful--I have called in sick because of it--and debilitating to many at times. And PMS--don't blame my bitchy mood on PMS. I can be a real bitch at times and I can get in a shitty mood--like when I don't have enough to pay my rent and I get three bills in the mail the same day, or if some asshole sexually harasses me--that doesn't necessarily mean I have PMS. But if I do get PMS (which I usually don't) leave me alone so I can chill out and relax. Don't make fun of me, of all things. Why do certain men think it is hilarious to tease us and blame all of our negative comments on PMS?

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