04 January 2006

i am your librarian, not your sex goddess

frankly, i'm getting a little annoyed at my male patrons hitting on me. not all of them, but there are too many male patrons--from professors to students to prospective students. at work, i'm focused on work, thus not dressed to meet the love of my life. (and just in case you are interested, i've found the love of my life, unless of course, we break up tomorrow because he tells me he's moving back in just another six months and can't even remember the name of that city where i live--"the big one...i know it's big...ummm, it's a borough...ummm...." but no, we're fine.) anyway, i'm cataloging videos and dvds and trying to provide reference support and assistance. i can't teach you how to find academic materials online if you are staring at my ass or i can't tell you who freud is if you are asking me if i want to get dinner with you or i can't help but be annoyed after you ask me out because you heard me only seconds earlier saying "i love you sweetie" on the phone, and telling my workstudy that my partner is so great...and really, i'm not here for you to gawk at, for you to have your sex-in-the-stacks fantasy fulfilled. to me honey, that is old news.

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