24 January 2006


my last semester of college, i got a bad case of sinusitis. it has unfortunately returned. it includes exhaustion (i would sleep 12 hours, wake up, go for a run, then come home to take a nap), a constant need to blow my nose, lethargy, headaches, dizziness, and nausea (this time it hasn't really been an issue; last time all i could stomach was rice chex, and as a result, i lost almost ten pounds. people said, "wow you lost weight, you look great," and all i could think was, "i'm so hungry but i'm so nauseas. ugh." i ended up quitting cross-country mid-season because it was simply too much. my coach was a constant asshole to me and didn't believe that i was sick...

so it's happening again. i don't even what to bother going to the doctor last time because it didn't help. (once, they did this thing where they cleaned out my nostrils and i smelled nyc like ever before...after leaving my doctor's i was immediately assaulted by the scent of hot dogs permeating the street and it was SO intense! little else really helped.) i'm using tiger balm, taking tylenol cold & sinus, sleeping lots. but my run this morning was ruined and it was the first one that has been like that. i wanted to do an hour, but could only eke out a 44:35 minute run and felt rather lethargic. and i'm too late for yoga now so i think i'll sit and do some slogans now.

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