30 January 2006

searching, search, searching

i've spent the night listening to cafe del mar and ani difranco, sending out resumes and wishing i were curled up in bed with luna and a book, and oh yeah, t would be nice too--but he's never one to hang out in bed--more like sleep in bed, but he doesn't chill like i do. i found this really rad job--and it would be superrad if i got it, and rachelle got the position there she's applying for, and we could go to work together--or just work together, that would rock--and i spent an hour working on my cover letter and i totally lost it. i was so pissed and tried to recreate it but was so spent i only worked on it for 15 minutes and i think it's okay. i hope they hire me.
i like my job, but it's not perfect, and more importantly, it is not paying my bills. i'm doing odd jobs this coming weekend, and am checking craigslist for more random jobs but it's mostly escort jobs and be a jewish egg donor and haul concrete sort of jobs. i wish there was something easier. i think i'm going to propose writing an article on ultra music festival for bna and see if they like it and if they do, use it as an excuse to take time off for wherever i'm working then. but now, now i need to focus on finding something to pay my bills because my time is running out.

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