03 January 2006

leave those dishes in the sink...

i recant my earlier bitchfest. i wore a sweater my mother gave me out to meet alexis (although it was quite warm at the bars we were at and i took it off to hang out in a thinner shirt) and met her at her manhattan hostel. i met alexis in austria, and we went out to two different bars where we drank, chatted, had a laugh, celebrity-sighted, talked about sex and the city, talked about new york. and i think, yeah, my work situation is not the greatest, and one of my jobs could end tomorrow, but i'm getting paid, i have family who could pay my rent for me (on a loan basis, see; there are no millionaires or even wealthy people in my family!) a bit, and i forsee no danger in one of my jobs so i'll at least have those 20 hours of work a week coming in...and now, with vodka in my blood (not much, i don't even feel drunk now), yummy fresh mozzerella, sliced tomato, and fresh basil pizza in my belly, i'm ready for sleep! goodnight!

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