30 January 2006

what's happening...

i think i'm going to start subscribing to the nytimes weekend papers. i
usually get up early enough to snag it before whoever steals it. my
dad's friend said there are parts of the classifieds (section 4a or
something like that) that aren't online, so i suppose that should be a
reason. i also like reading the international news, and it's easier to scan
headlines and read the lead in the paper as opposed to the internet.
right now, on the nytimes website, i'm reading an article about religious
missionaries in africa
and am also in the midst of bret easton elli's new book LUNAR
PARK--being in europe i missed the hype of its release--and it's very bizarre.

t left nyc today and i feel lonely already. i know when i get home and
it's just luna to greet me, that hole in my heart will ache again, and
i will look around the space of my 1br apt and think, "it's so empty."
love makes it impossible to think outside of cliches. i've included a photo of him with a stray cat in greece. isn't he sweet? both the cat and t.

i mentioned wanting to do the peace corps to my mom, more of, "when i
do the peace corps..." and she was like, "wha?" it's something i've
wanted to do since i first learned about it in high school social studies.

i finally finished cataloging that big pile of books and it's nice to
chill out with a book at work for a bit. one of the perks of being a
librarian, except when people interrupt me.

the workstudies ignoring patrons to work on their schoolwork is really
pissing me off. oh well, some things never change.

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