08 January 2006

the marathon is only 11 months away

as i went on my morning run, i thought, "the marathon is only eleven months away!" most people know that "the marathon" means "the nyc marathon" which is the biggest marathon in the world! it's the one you want to win. it's not easy by any means (and yes, there are "easy marathons"-- i mean an easy course, with lots of downhills, or relatively flat) with five bridges, but the crowds--the people--it makes you want to run forever...not! i remember after finishing, being so exhausted but unable to sit. the way they arrange the finish, there is a mile before you can exit the park, and i so badly wanted to sit down with some food and just nap. i had to walk and then finally got my stuff, found my family, and felt tears in my eyes because i had accomplished an incredible feat. just getting over a bad bout of asthma, i am slowly building back up my miles. my goal is to be running 5 miles a day by the end of the month; i'd like to have the strength to be doing speed workouts by june. i'll keep you updated on my progress, as i am running strong!

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