12 January 2006

overheard on the train

obviously gay guy: it's happening again. my eye is TOTALLY twitching.
his friend: no, i don't see anythinig. are you sure?
ogg: i'm sure. i can feel it. i can feel it but no one can see it. it's twitching.
hf: i don't see it.
ogg: it's not my eyeball, it's here. (he presses the skin of his eyelids, just below the eye and above)
(i'm trying not to laugh but i can't help it. i'm getting hysterical)
ogg: this is SO gross.
hf: yeah, i just don't see it.
ogg: it is so disturbing. (he presses his eye. i laugh.) this happens to shelia too, and no one else can see. only it's half of her face.
(i'm hysterically laughing now, because ogg is so theatrical.)
hf: what a drag.
ogg: yeah. my eye is still twitching.

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