29 January 2006

what i want to do

i like my job; i really do. i just want something that pays a bit more and is full-time with all the lovely bennies that typically surround a full-time job, like sick and holiday and vacation pay--wouldn't that be nice? but today i was working on a fantastic black history month display and really loving what i do--which is to reach out to people and provide them with information.

along the windowsill, i created a display of books relating to black history, and i created a bulletin board for black history month. the workstudies helped me with this part; e is making a photo collage of photos i picked out and c made the banner. i found all these rad quotes and wrote an article about the 1968 olympic black power salute that shocked many but was quite amazing and brave. thank you, runners.

but i need to travel. it's not i WANT to travel, but i honestly feel like i need to. i need to see new places and i have a list of places i want to get to. t doesn't understand, my family doesn't understand, non-travellers don't understand: i MUST travel, i must get out there and see the world.

my mother bought me a calendar with photos of italy for xmas. it has to be the ugliest calendar i have ever seen; i resorted to pasting photos i printed out from my trip over the photos. italy is beautiful, my italy; this photographer's italy is ugly.

so i want to knit. i want to practice my spanish. i want to learn basic russian and tibetan. i want to run. i want to write. instead of wanting, i must begin doing.

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Anonymous said...

Yay - greetings- sounds like you are having real fun! but life's like that - I'm 30 something years further down that track than you and it's just as perplexing/weird/crazy/daft/silly/etc..

The black power 1969 salute was more a 'strangeness' than anything - recall seeing it on tv in the UK at the time and there was no idea of what was happening!

Now your moan about new technology to handle money etc - the answer is 'dah dah' credit cards! There is a reckoning eventually but when is there not in life??? in the meantime - yahoooo!