27 January 2006

my life right now

things are so crazy right now. this week has been nuts. so far, i have:
  • had one of the workstudy students freak out at me for no reason and shout at me and treat me with no respect; he was thoroughly scolded later after he calmed down
  • had t visit me and feel like a day has passed
  • went to the dr for my sinus infection (still feel lousy)
  • watched one workstudy spill hot cocoa on another work study's laptops (the laptop is not working and the one who spilled the cocoa has to buy a new one)
  • got a 3 hour $300 haircut for free
  • had my cat scratch me down my belly
  • pay my bills, and my rent, and feel my stomach turn at the pitifully small amount in my bank account
  • work on a black history display with the aforementioned disrespectful workstudy student who finally today produced a border of the bulletin board
  • feel my cheeks burn when t cursed out a host when their restaurant was closed
and assorted other things.

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