13 November 2004

all i write about in library school is sex or how people hate gay people. i mean, occasionally i write abt romance novels, but it always comes back to that. people view gay people as a threat and are afraid if they have sex, they might lose control or something. i dont know. i think everyone should have sex daily and they will be much nicer people. but i'm practically a nun right now, without the religious part and ugly dowdy black robe. i got the comfy librarian shoes tho. heh.

anyway, i'm wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, hardly sexy but comfy. i'm in clothes, somewhat. it's a step up from the robe i'm usually wearing.

anyway my goal is to get across that sex is good, being sexy is very good, and being gay is wonderful! people just need to love themselves for who they are! you can't hate yourself because you don't belong in a little box...most people don't.

aright back to writing abt sexy gay libraries. i think i'm going to just write about sex now, to me, that's the best part of library school: that you can write abt sex all the time and have it relate to libraries. can an entomology student do that? well i guess related to beetles or whatever...

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