13 November 2004

banned books, yep, i'm bitchin.

i'm fucking cranky. i have PMS forever this month. i'm listening to all this cutsey babydyke music and i realize, yup i am a librarian and live alone, except for my beautiful cat. i'm doing research on censorship, not finding the articles i need, but it is sick the way people are. like, check this out:

Conn. Family-Diversity Program Stirs Spat
American Libraries 33 no4 22, 24 Ap 2002
A program created to inspire a community dialogue in Groton, Connecticut, has erupted into a fight over what constitutes age-appropriate materials. The controversy revolves around a series of middle-school field trips to Groton Public Library to view the March 4-27 exhibit "In Our Family: Portraits of All Kinds of Families" because three of the 20 photos on display were of same-sex couples and their children. Concerned parents could deny permission for their child to participate.

let's freak out. omigod, people are gay. among my friends i dont think i know anyone who's straight. my "bf" might be but really, who is straight anymore? why identify as anything anyway? so you can check a little box? so people know who to hate? everything is making me sick right now.

but meanwhile my friend j, who i'm not sure if she checks any box, she def likes one sex that i know of, but we're going to a movie today and will gawk at the beautiful star, if nothing else.

i have a headache and just want to curl up in my bed. people like tom coburn exist. ugh i went to his website last night, reading aloud parts to v, and we both cringed. wtf?! and these religious freaks who want to ban harry potter b/c it might cause people to want to become wizards.

here's something from my term paper:
Books are banned for a variety of reasons, including:
§ Profanity
§ Sexuality
§ Violence and horror.
§ Religion and Witchcraft
§ Rebellion
§ Racism/sexism
§ Substance use/abuse
§ Suicide or Death
§ Crime
§ Depressing/Negative
§ Crude Behavior (Curry, 30-32).

wait i dont have pms. i mean, i just am in a cranky mood for a variety of reasons. you cannot live for someone else. i've learned that. v, we need to stick to this...we are living for us! speaking of which, let's become traveling librarians and LEAVE.

goddess i'm feeling all these different things right now. my apt is abt 100 degrees, just the way I like it. heh heh.

this is how i closed my term paper: While we can remove books from the library if we think it will protect children, we must remember: censoring a library creates a one-sided society, with material to the liking of some, not all. Perhaps if we cover children’s eyes we can protect them from locating books that are not to their parents’ liking. However, without an abundance of choices, children will find it even more difficult to make educated decisions when they become adults. Variety is necessary for any library, society, mind, and person, and without the full spectrum of choices, both people and creativity will suffer.

okay so i should get off my butt and start finding some freakin articles. research is hard on this topic. i'm mad right now. mad at a lot of things. i'm going to just withdraw, curl up with my kitty and read jonathan ames...yup i like books abt men who wear bras!

back to censorship. someone prob tried to ban ames, do yrself a favor and read a banned book today!

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