03 November 2004

thich naht hanh suggests that people should make lists of what makes them happy. here's my version:

  1. love
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. being in love
  5. running
  6. writing
  7. chocolate
  8. feminism
  9. eating good food
  10. luna
  11. starting a new journal
  12. finishing a story
  13. holidays
  14. lipgloss
  15. hugs
  16. buddhist bks (sometime)
  17. stretching
  18. yoga
  19. summertime
  20. getting mail

right now i'm so angry. i cant believe my grandma voted for a president who believes in HATE. grandma betty, i love you but i'm very angry. i won't be talking with you for a while, so we don't get into a fight.

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