11 November 2004

i'm feeling cranky lately. i cant' deal with this "don't agonize, organize." i just want to leave this world of bush-loving people. what is wrong with them? i can't deal with air america, with any kind of news now, with these people who are like "let's dance and forget our problems."

um, we have 4 more years of dubya. i cant deal with this.

i don't want to just give up but i feel like this is too depressing, too much. i'm going to focus on spreading cheerleading squads and making sure a woman's right to choose is preserved.

meanwhile i have friends talking of leaving the country and i am sick of all this "we can do it..." i feel low on energy. maybe it's that i just ran a marathon and to me that is so life-changing.

i am taking a break from politics. i'm not reading the papers right now (um, if you are working full-time and going to school full-time you wouldn't be either) and am taking a break from getting so absorbed. it's about me for a little while.

but when i'm ready...you betta watch out.

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