03 November 2004

election day 2 november 2004: my experience

i woke up at 630 am, ran to the polls and voted. long lines for 640 am! i ran, came home and got ready, and pulled on my VOTE skirt, my RUN AGAINST BUSH shirt, grabbed my pompoms, and left. i went to union square and all these buses were full. luckily all of the cheerleaders were able to hop onto bus #7. MANY people did not get on the bus--i'd estimate at least 200, probably more.

finally we got to a suburb of philly, by bryn mawr (sp?). we grabbed some snickers bars for energy and hopped on the R5 to suburban station. on the train and in the station, we asked everyone if they voted yet, and reminded people to vote.

in philly, we ate, then began reminding people to vote, asking them if they had voted yet. we cheered "dub" "supersonic" "no c.a.r.b.s" "cheney is an oil whore" "we're sexy we're cute democrat to boot" etc. a lot of fun. whenenver we were too tired we'd do "to the left! to the left! to the left--not to the right!" or "drop bush not bombs clapclapclapclapclapclap!"

mostly people cheered at us and loved us. how can you not?

we encountered two groups of bush supporters. the second just stood there and didn't do anything. (we were also way too loud!yay!) the first group freaked out--there were kerry people coming at them from two directions, plus up screaming "george bush, you motherfucker!" they ran away. YAY!

it was SUCH good energy in philly--very democratic. cabbies, stores, buildings, statues, dogs, baby carriages, people, cars--all with kerry/edwards signs in the windows. really great. went to cheer by the polls but not too many people by the polls we were at.

so many street corners had tons of people holding kerry/edwards signs and "HONK IF YOU VOTE FOR KERRY/EDWARDS"--you'd better believe there were a ton of people honking. it was like a huge party.

i am so depressed. we have to recycle these cheers another 4 yrs. and suffer. and the poor will go hungry, and bush will run his dictatorship. i am having trouble focusing.

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