03 November 2004

this cannot be true. i cannot live in a country where the majority of the people (who voted anyway) chose george bush to be prezehdint. wtf?

from my boyfriend's mother who lives in fla:

I think we should take all the thinking people in this country - those who believe in civil rights, the right of sexual preference and to marry whomever the heck they want, those who believe in freedom from as well as freedom of religion, those who believe in a woman's right over her own body, of a citizen's right to free speech, etc. etc. - gather them up - move them all to the northeast and then secede from this country. It has been taken over by morons.
In a few years, when they cannot walk down a street without being asked for their papers, when they cannot take out a library book without having their retinas scanned, when their children are drafted and killed in senseless wars, they'll want to come and live in our country.
I am so disappointed in America. The American people, unfortunately, will get what they deserve.

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