20 November 2004

it's not just okay to be gay, it's FABULOUS, esp if you're flaming!

so my li'l sis lives in madison, WI, and she told me she saw some anti-gay demonstration. what a great way to spread the love of jesus christ. this is really fucking disturbing--she said one of the signs had a photo of matthew shepard and it said "matthew's burning in hell." WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???? HOW CAN THEY BE SO HATEFUL, SO CRUEL, AND CALL THEMSELVES A CHRISTIAN?!?! i am so disgusted, so ANGRY. how IGNORANT! good thing melissa wasn't driving on the side of the street they were on b/c she said she would've run them over. like that time we were driving past planned parenthood (those people are AMAZING!!!!) and i saw antichoicers demonstrating and i leaned out and screamed at them. MY BODY MY CHOICE!

i dont understand why these FUNdamentalists think they are going to spread the love of jesus and are they trying to recruit people? how horrible. i am reading paul monette's "becoming a man" and it's so disgusting. i mean, i grew up in a guido suburb. i didnt bring my boyfriend to my prom (he didn't dance, and we ended up breaking up shortly after)--i brought my best friend, who is gay. i wouldnt have it any other way. (i'm a fag hag to the extreme. i dont have any close straight men--i try to keep straight men far away b/c we're friends and then one night they're trying to get in my pants, telling me that my love and i are both air and i need some fire--no thanks. but anyway, i brought mike to the prom and we had SO much fun--i love that boy. and afterwards, someone said something abt my boyfriend--i said, "he's not my boyfriend, he's my best friend." oh. somehow it came out that he was gay...the reaction from the guidos (i'm italian but i went to a guido school, even the ones who were not italian) was appalling--saying how they wouldve kicked his ass had they known. why is it so threatening to them? why? it makes me want to move to a "red" state and talk about how much i love to eat pussy in the town greene--but sadly i'd prob get pushed out or killed. it is disgusting that these ignorant attitudes still exist.

i love fairies of all kinds.

i think there's also a lot of straight people--and in the closet people--who won't speak up when homophobic and antigay things are said. my suitemates always used "gay" to mean "stupid." gay, as far as i known, meant happy, and now, homosexual. anyway, my suitemates would say "that shirt is so gay," "that's so gay!" etc and i'd always so "is it homosexual?" they would laugh at me, but i always said it. they werent homophobic--but i still think we need to rethink the way we word things.

i'm so gay today! i was kidding my love all morning, and now we have a play to go to tonight. what a marvelously gay day!

that's a proper usage of gay.

back to the protestors. why were they protesting? it was at a high school. maybe there was a play with a gay character--lissy didnt give me a lot of details, i'm not really sure. i dont think she knew. all i know is that is hate, not love.

and religion supposedly is based on love.

go kiss your nearest gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans friend.

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