30 November 2004

things that i thought i'd miss more

recently some things dear to me are no longer, and it's funny how i don't miss them like i thought i would. still, i'd like them in my life on a more regular basis. come back!

running is a HUGE part of my life. if i couldn't run again i would be extremely depressed. after running the marathon, i was almost sick of running but didn't bargain for having a tarsal tunnel entrapment. but it happened and i have taken a total of three weeks off from running (i ran on thanksgiving)
however it's so nice to be a normal person--not wake up two and a half or three hours before going to work so i can get a run in. on weekends, i sleep in, wake up and spend some time relaxing in bed, playing with luna and reading poetry (okay this sunday i spent it reading stupid articles on virtual library for my thesis). my doctor pronounced my foot cured, so now i can start first with fast walking, then with slow running. i have to make sure i warm up and get rid of my shoes once they start wearing (ugh, i need to go to the outlets more now, i love shopping, good thing). it'll be nice to start running, but to be honest, it was kinda nice not running for a while.

i do miss t but i'm glad he has a rad job, even if he has to live in MA (i know, poor thing!). but it is nice to have more space and be able to listen to air and letigre on repeat for 5 hours without any comments. i guess the best thing really is that i can focus on my thesis--boys are distractions, and i'm getting more work done with trev living in the middle of nowhere than i am with him in my house. i tell him, someday we'll live together, perhaps...

i really miss writing. in fact, i'm going to a lecture on sun abt getting an agent, but i miss writing. however it's nice not to think of rejections for a while. this stupid thesisis taking up most of my brain power so...

i don't mind fall/winter in the beginning so much b/c i love christmas. i LOVE running in a sports bra and shorts, but i really love the holiday season and trees and decorations and LIGHTS...i hate this consumerist crap and really, i'm not thinking of what i'm doing in five minutes, much less a holiday gift in 26 days.

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