14 November 2004

cleaning out the fridge recipes

i dont know abt you, but i'm not able to cook elaborate meals, other than on weekends. (today i had apple pancakes for breakfast, and i'm making pasta fagioli.) here's my quick fix.

almond banana yogurt dish
you have...
yogurt (plain or vanilla...i prefer brown cow cream top, yum!)
banana (i always have bananas and am forever eating brown ones b/c i dont eat them in time)
sliced almonds

slice the banana. pour some yogurt. throw on however many almonds you want. this is a great afternoon snack.

you can also substitute with another kind of fruit. i'd recommend if you were adding apples (yum) to add walnuts instead of almonds. i always keep a bunch of nuts in my house for quick protein.

lovely autumnal oatmeal
quaker oats
1 apple (whatever type you like)
brown sugar
raisins (optional)

make oatmeal according to package. (do yrself a favor and get the old fashioned--it's SO much better.) when most of the water is gone but not all (like 3 minutes) add the apple. if you like raisins (i'm not a big raisin person in cereal) add the raisins now too. cook till it's done, then add brown sugar, walnuts, milk. stir and eat. so so good.

clean the cabinets soup
throw on some water--the more you add for the more people and more crap in your fridge. figure out the correct proportions with your handy bouillion cubes. (i always keep a bunch of these in my cabinet--they're so useful.) then, add celery, carrots, cauliflower, pasta, whatever else you want. eat.

crazy salad
mixed greens
green peppers (or whatever kind you like, i only like green)
basically whatever else you like to add to salads...and....
dried cranberries
sunflower seeds, pecans, whatever kind of nuts you like.
whatever else

add a light (by light i mean not heavy not lowfat altho you can do that too) vinagrette. eat.

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