20 November 2004

don't read 'the ornithologist's guide to life' by ann hood

i went to the brooklyn public library at grand army plaza b/c i wanted some travel books and what a good way to procrastinate my thesis. (already i have a party tonight, tea with a friend and lunch with another friend!) so i got out ann hood's the ornithologist's guide to life b/c my coworker recommended it. i am so fucking depressed.

it's a book of stories. in nearly every story, a woman in pregnant and has just been left or she just had a baby or a small child and her husband divorced her for a younger woman. or there's an older married couple and the wife has an affair. why cant anyone just love one person? i mean, monogamy sucks, that's what i wouldve said when i was 18, but now it's just annoying. i think jane did some poll of their readers and a really high percentage (i forgot what right now) had cheated on their spouse. i know everyone makes mistakes but cant the characters in our books be a little less slutty? i'm depressed now. i'm going to watch "lost in translation." wait no, i need to do my thesis.

but the stories are really good. some of them are cheesey, and i really did not like the first one. but many of them are terrific, really grabs you in and keeps you. altho i dont want to have kids or cheat on my love, it's still a good read.

for now...

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