15 November 2004

quarter-life crisis
okay so i'm having a quarter-life crisis. i found this terrific website http://www.handbag.com/careers/careerprogression/quarterlifecrisis/ that assures me i am not alone.

three of the people i love most live across the country--WI, MA, CO. my job is okay but, HELLO, I'M A NAROPA GRADUATE AND DOING CORPORATE? i'm so burned out from too many years of school. i'm 25 and will have two graduate degrees BEFORE i'm 26. i think i need a break.

i want to give up my apt, put all my stuff in storage, find a good home for luna for a few months, and travel. go someplace different. go on a writing retreat and write and read and chill for a few months.

i'm having a quarterlife crisis.

when you are younger you think, "oh i'm going to be married by the time i'm 21 and have a fabulously successful career where i make a difference and get a great salary and i'll have some kids and..." now i'm not married, i have met a wonderful person but we don't even live in the same state, i hate children and never want kids--i'm thiinking about getting another cat....and i'm in debt and once i leave my job i will have a serious problem living alone..perhaps t will actually live with me again...

i have 15,000$ in loans, a cat who enjoys eating and driving me nuts, too much schoolwork to even think about, a super-humid refrigerator...okay so my life isn't really so bad but i'm like, what am i doing to change the world? i'd like to leave this country, and i might...but i probably won't. i need to stay here so i can make a difference HERE. like make sure roe v. wade isn't overturned and spread radical cheerleading across this country...

okay enough bitching. back to my cranky old life...

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