17 November 2004

i love chocolate milk...a rant

god, i hate when people say they're too busy to do this or that. i mean, i'm busy, but when it's lame things, like call someone back--everyone knows that there's time--when you're walking to the train or selecting mangos at the market or as you're straightening the house. but really, i love my cat. she's so furry and cute and nice. my sister's bf is allergic...what would i do if t was allergic? i really love t a lot but luna is my child, practically. since i'm never going to have kids, she's my baby. i wouldnt want to break up with someone over that but maybe we could live in the house and he would stay in one room and luna would have full reign over everything else (oh that's mean!). i know someone who kept their cat in the basement--isn't that mean?

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