30 November 2004

last night's dream

i had a scary dream last night.

someone was trying to come into my apartment and i was trying to keep them out. i kept trying to scream but i couldnt and then finally i could but none of my mean neighbors came. "he" (whoever he was, possibly a nonexistant ex-boyfriend? a lunatic def.) i kept screaming, sometimes it wasnt coming out, and he was franctically moving around my apartment. i began banging a shoe against the wall to try to muster up attention for my help but no one can. i was so frightened. i was trying to appease him but i'm not sure of the details now. i just hate being unable to scream in my dreams, so scared.

i really wish trev wasnt in ma b/c it really sucks to wake up from a nightmare and be alone. luna was there, but you know if anything happened she'd be the first to hide.

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