27 November 2004

thesis, shemsis--or theses, feces

i can smell the end of my thesis, that's how close i am. there are drinks to be had and stores are filling my mailbox with flyers for holiday sales and my mother is begging me to decorate the tree and then of course my cat is so damn cute she keeps begging to be petted...i just want to finish this stupid thing already. i want to be lounging, reading jonathan ames novels with a cup of eggnog in my hand and xmas music in the background...instead right now i'm working on this stupid thesis. i can't wait till it's all over. i already have one huge bound thesis on my bookshelf (that one's dedicated to trevor; we don't do dedications for MLS theses--otherwise i'd have to write "thank you mom and dad for your support...and luna for being the cutest cat ever!"--and they would think i was a freak.)

i lost my hammer and really should mop my floor and it's just you totally get caught up with things, you know?

here's a few things that happen when you write a paper you don't want to:
  • you find yourself using words & phrases like "however" "according to" 'despite the undercurrents of"etc.
  • you keep a nalgene bottle by your side to keep you hydrated--but to also give you many pee breaks--yay time away from the paper!
  • take numerous photos of your cat and send them to people...and then they will call you so you will have to talk. and your cat is so darn cute you cant help taking photos of her! meow!
  • clean out yr fridge. mop yr floor. prepare a soup or meal with many, many ingredients and whistle while you clean all of the dishes.

here's to procrastination! no, but for real, i'm going back to my thesis now.

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